We are looking for supplier of complete recycling line for HDPE bottles (ISRI code - " P-2-0-0-P-M")


23rd April 2012

Technical Requirements:

1. Line for shredding, washing and drying HDPE falkes:

- capacity 300-400 kg/hr dried flakes, humidity < 2 %
- impurities < 500 PPM
- closed water circulation connected wit point 3 (water treatment plant)
- electric heating washing water system
- label remover

2. Line for granulating of HDPE flakes

- capacity 300/400 kg/hr
- double corotary extruder with degasing system and dosage system for two additives (1-3 %)
- filtration, water head
- tank ~ 2 m3
- granulate humidity < 1 %

3. Water treatment plant

- final result - dewatered sludge in spots

Total power of instalation - < 450 kW
All equipment must be installed inside the hall (see enclosure).

Offer should include:

a) wiring from Control Cabinet to each item
b) replacement parts
c) blade sharpening (grinder)
d) additional blades set (grinder)

Term of delivery : EXW.
Numbers of containers should be given.

Additional cost of instalation should be given (cost of visit your employee in order to start machine).
Place of investment : our factory Mikolow Poland

Location of the investment: GGP's seat in Mikolow

Please be advised that we will use the following criteria of evaluation:

The maximum number of points possible to achieve : 100 points.

The points will be allocated according to:

1. Price : maxi. 40 points
2. Washing : max. 20 points
3. Granulating : max. 20 points
4. Water treatment: max. 15 points
5. Others: max. 5 points

Detailed scoring criteria: scoring-criteria-RFQ-complete-HDPE-recycling-line

The closing date for submission of tenders: 14th May 2012

NOTICE of 29th Oct. 2012 - we are extending the deadline for submission of tenders till 4th Dec. 2012

Your offer should contain all details about your company (full address, telephone numbers, your VAT number).
Offer should be signed by authorized person (full name and stamp).
Offer should have indicated its validity.