Request For Quotation - Delivery of a new or used CNC Milling Machine


Mikołów, 16.12.2015 r.

The invitation to submit an offer related subject to the project: „Modern production technology of innovative reusable packaging based on recycled material” implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Programme co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

for supply of the CNC milling machine


Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa
ul. Dzieńdziela 30, 43-190 Mikołów
NIP 634-00-20-275
REGON 271925297

A. Description of the subject of contract:

Subject of contract:
The subject of contract is: delivery of a new or used CNC Milling Machine

Scope of supply:
CNC milling machine - 1 pcs.

Technical specifications:
- number of axis: min. 5
- number of machining heads: 2 or more
- max. rotating speed: not less than 32000 rpm/min
- table dimensions: not less than 2000 x 2200 [mm] (workspace 2000 x 2200 x 650 [mm])
- number of tables: min., 2 - Tandem
- automatic storage (magazine) for min. 10 tools per each machining head
- min. power of rotating spindle: 6,5kW
- included Vacuum system (vacuum fixing of machined elements)
- power supply 3 x 380-400V 50Hz
- The machine should must not be older than 12 years

The condition relating to tendering for the used machine: during the period of 7 years preceding the date of sales by an Offerer, the fixed asset (the offered machine) was not financed by union funds nor by national funds nor by de minimis aid. There will also be required a seller's statement describing: the seller of a fixed asset, the place of purchase by the Purchaser and the date of its purchase by the Purchaser

B. Offer should include:

1. Price with delivery to Mikołów, ul. Dzieńdziela.
2. Terms of the payment.
3. Terms od the delivery.
4. Terms of the guarantee.
4. Duration of the offer: 30 days.
5. All details of the company - complete address, telephone number, tax ID.

C. Conditions to be met by an Offerer:

1. The Offerer is entitled to participate in legal transactions within the Republic of Poland.
2. The Offerer has all necessary permissions to perform works and activities that are the subject of contract.
3. The Offerer has necessary knowledge and experience.
4. The Offerer's financial and economical conditions ensure the execution of the subject of contract.
5. No proceedings were initiated to file for the Offerer's bankruptcy, neither the bankruptcy of the Offerer was declared.

D. The offer must be submitted no later than on 16.12.2015 r. and by 2 pm CET (UTC+1), in a form of:

1. an electronic version (e-mail) sent to: sekretariat@geoglobe.pl

2. a printed (paper) version sent to the following address: GEO GLOBE POLSKA Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa, ul. Dzieńdziela 30, 43-190 Mikołów, Poland

The Purchaser will not be responsible and will not cover any costs caused by expenses or losses incurred by the participants of the tender proceedings related to the visits and inspections of the place of execution of the tender nor caused by any aspects related to preparing the offer.

E. The evaluation criteria:

Only the offers that meet 100% of the above listed technical specifications will be accepted for evaluation. Offers not 100% complying with the above listed technical specifications will be rejected.
Selection of the offer will be based on a scoring system. The maximum amount of points to achieve in total is 100 points. Points will be split according to the following breakdown:
1. Price - maximum of 80 points.
2. Availability of the machine (terms of delivery) - 20 points.

Description of the method of how each scoring criteria of the tender is evaluated.

Description of the scoring evaluation – the price cirteria:
The net price of the lowest priced offer
-------------------------- x 80 = amount of points
The net price of the evaluated price
It is required to provide the net price and the amount o VAT tax.

Description of the scoring evaluation – the availability cirteria:
10 points for the availability within 1 month, every another month of awaiting it is 5 point less.

The Purchaser reserves the right to conduct the final negotiations with selected Offerer.
The Purchaser reserves the right to cancel the tender proceedings in case of not obtaining the funds provided in the form of a loan for technological innovations.

Please note, that as per the resault of proceeded tendering for delivery of a new or used CNC milling machine, the chosen offer is from the supplier: Höchsmann GmbH Technology for wood, Schwabacher Str. 4, D-01665 Klipphausen, Niemcy / DE.